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I have a few projects I will be working on in 2012, I held off on these projects in 2011 just incase the Myans were right. If you have a collab project in mind and need an animator or scene designer let me know and I would be happy to contribute!

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Posted by elkameno - October 28th, 2010

Bad Bacon episode one is up!

Bad Bacon is the story of the Zombie swine flu epidemic, did i just say Zombie?!

The first episode highlights the event that started it all, and the two main characters.

Due to my computer giving up the ghost i wasn't able to go back and tweak a few of things that i wasn't happy with, i plan to go back and address these issues when my new computer arrives, but with the deadline looming i was forced to put the animation up earlier than i wanted.

I am atleast glad the animation is complete as a whole!

What next?

Well i am off to Italy on the 7th for a little holiday, then on my return and (God willing) with my new computer! I plan to continue with my new animation for the Mystery Man series!

The Mystery Man scenes for episode one were completed before i began Bad Bacon but due to delays with the voices i decided to shelve it until all the audio was ready! Bad Bacon's audio was done post animation, a way in which i don't normally work as it can cause issues with the timing.

So hopefully soon i will have a new series to show you!

Thanks for reading!


Bad Bacon Episode One

Posted by elkameno - October 3rd, 2010

I have just recently uploaded an animation i did early last year. It's a small peice about an Emo panda called colin (who's face is ever-present along side the Dark Panda logo).

The series is about the life of Colin, who is the embodiment of Emo. His friends, aren't his friends, the people he lives with don't like him, and are ever encouraging him to move out ( for his own good of course).

As i wrote on the animation post, the intro has been uploaded purely because it was better here for people to atleast see than sitting on my desktop.

I have two projects on the go at the moment but plan to have a Dark Panda (Colin) animation up here as soon as i can!

If you have reviewed the animation already, thank you! It's hard sitting on your own until the early hours thinking your work may never be finished, all reviews are helpful to me.


Dark Panda Series - Intro

Posted by elkameno - October 3rd, 2010

Animation can be a long and tedious process, don't get me wrong the end result will always out way the frustrations along the way, but at times we all need a little bit of instant gratification.

I am currently working on two animations at the moment, for more information on these please visit my website blog.

As last night slowly crept into the morning i watched and laughed through Larry episode two. Whilst visiting Jazza studio's i noticed a new poster competition was running on new grounds, this i thought was just the thing i was looking for, a project i could complete in a few hours and a chance to pay homage to a series that i am sure will just get better and better.

Larry Poster Competition

Posted by elkameno - January 9th, 2009


The Mystery animation i have been wotking on is progressing nicely and has reached the one minute mark! Overall the movie should be around Three minutes long, i know to some this may feel short, but i am sure when you see the amount of thought and detail that i have put in you will be satisfied.

Thats all for now, here is a screenshot from the movie!

Happy Newgrounding!



Posted by elkameno - October 30th, 2007

Hello Newgounders,

After completing my Linkit2 project, i focused on my next task the 'Mystery Man' series. Unfortunately the project stumbled and lost momentum i think owing to the size of the movie itself and the depth i was trying to pull out of its 2d frame! I took several months off to rebuild my new Vespa 125, during the endless nights of cleaning engines, spraying parts and rewiring the electrics my mind kep wandering off into the world of animation. All my animation skill is self taught and for that i do quite well but i know in my heart i have alot more to learn, this constant process is the reason why many of my projects fail to emerge from my computer and i frustrate myself so much knowing the only person to blame is me.

I have now started a new project, a short about myself and a friend, the style of the animation is more cartoonist than what i would normally draw, the outlines a solid black and the scenes less action based. I hope this will help me to end my reign of half projects, i think all i need is a base to judge my work.

I have a three day weeked coming up and i hope to get some serious work done!


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