Dark Panda Series - Intro

2010-10-03 18:25:25 by elkameno

I have just recently uploaded an animation i did early last year. It's a small peice about an Emo panda called colin (who's face is ever-present along side the Dark Panda logo).

The series is about the life of Colin, who is the embodiment of Emo. His friends, aren't his friends, the people he lives with don't like him, and are ever encouraging him to move out ( for his own good of course).

As i wrote on the animation post, the intro has been uploaded purely because it was better here for people to atleast see than sitting on my desktop.

I have two projects on the go at the moment but plan to have a Dark Panda (Colin) animation up here as soon as i can!

If you have reviewed the animation already, thank you! It's hard sitting on your own until the early hours thinking your work may never be finished, all reviews are helpful to me.


Dark Panda Series - Intro


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