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22/08/2008 - News

2007-10-30 08:00:32 by elkameno

Hello Newgounders,

After completing my Linkit2 project, i focused on my next task the 'Mystery Man' series. Unfortunately the project stumbled and lost momentum i think owing to the size of the movie itself and the depth i was trying to pull out of its 2d frame! I took several months off to rebuild my new Vespa 125, during the endless nights of cleaning engines, spraying parts and rewiring the electrics my mind kep wandering off into the world of animation. All my animation skill is self taught and for that i do quite well but i know in my heart i have alot more to learn, this constant process is the reason why many of my projects fail to emerge from my computer and i frustrate myself so much knowing the only person to blame is me.

I have now started a new project, a short about myself and a friend, the style of the animation is more cartoonist than what i would normally draw, the outlines a solid black and the scenes less action based. I hope this will help me to end my reign of half projects, i think all i need is a base to judge my work.

I have a three day weeked coming up and i hope to get some serious work done!


22/08/2008 - News


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2008-11-13 00:12:59

These drawings are beautiful!
I feel for these guys.

elkameno responds:

Thanks my friend :)

Im confident in drawing its my animation ability i am trying to improve, thanks for viewing linkit2, i wasn't very happy with it but had no choice but to perservere. I have completed 30 seconds of animation for my new project and during my chrsitmas holiday i plan to try and complete the 1st part ready to upload in January. If you would like to know when its up i can e mail you if you like?

This should show my ability in a better light, i hope :)